Q&A with Music Project _ L.A.DRONES _

Ovulating for L.A.DRONES and so ready to have them perform live at this Saturdays :I:FullMoon Party. I wanted to get to knows L.A.’s most fantastiq overground underground electronic music project and deliver there message to you…

Here are a few Questions with L.A. DRONES :::

Q1 ErnieOmega: How long have you been formed as L.A.Drones, How do want the world to comprehend you & how do you want to effect your listeners?

A1 L.A.DRONES: ” About a year and a half ago. One night we were invited to play a show with our (other) post punk band at a friends BDAY party in L.A., and as many times it happened to us that we ended up spinning European electronic dance music at the after party, and to sum it up people loved it. Don’t know how but a kind of inspiration or abduction from something or someone happened that night to us. Suddenly we thought that it would be awesome to play our own live music for the dance floor to make PUNKROCKERS dance! It was going to be fun! “PUNK ROCKERS, WE ALSO DANCE!, WE TOLD OURSELVES” . So we already had several music machines that we had collected , we put them all together, a synth mixer, modules effect, many pedals octavating, flanging, distorting, faceering…  plus a new more gorgeous machine and many wires & EURECA… L.A Drones came out smoothly and very easily . We wanted to do it so bad, we were so inspired by the idea of mixing our classical souls with electronic music to make people dance, natural,  like the moon moved the waves . That’s not a easy thing to provoke all the time. FREE YOUR MINDS AND YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW!

Q2 Eo: What does the name L.A.Drones mean to you?

A2 L.A.Drones: There is a kind of magic around the name because it involves many things. Ladrones means thieves in Spanish that’s why we are wearing masks; we also like to steal samples from our favorite music, & of course we Love the dronic concept of music that we kind of use all the time for our bass and drums!! On the other hand L.A. are the initals of our old band and of course it also stands for the city of Los Angeles where we have our den at this present time.

Corruption is a main thing at this time in the world, full of thieves of the governments everywhere, we like to remind that to the people like a provocation, cuz we should not forget or become accustomed to it, that’s why we use the term. In the end LA DRONES , like an insult, MUTHERFUCKERS!!!

Q3 EO: Who is a group or artist that you admire or are influenced by ?

A3 L.A.Drones: For this we need to tell you a story… HA! There is an old legend that two eternal L.A.Drones (thieves) pierced the line delimiting the real and the unreal with a magnificent ability to travel in time& also in magic, hiding the prime numbers and the secret energy of knowledge that sound frequencys produce and support the multi-verse…  These too KRAFTWORK we adore & BRIAN ENO wew consider a Demi-God… We feel close to the rebirth of Synth under the tutelage of punk with SUICIDE, CABARET VOLTAIRE, CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE & through the industrial apocalypse of THROBBING GRISTLE… See the birth of the synthesized pop of the neue Deutsche Welle and DAF, Plus jumping the new world to learn about new influxes of ACID HOUSE, TECHNO and the most primitive electro of dark Detroit… We never stop breathing the most intoxicated fumes of the Jamacian DUB with people like The Scientist or King TUBBY. They say no one knows who they are because they are hidden with thieves (like us in masks L.A.DRONES) they say that even CHRIS & COSEY might be hiding there true identity? um…eh We we know for sure they are not Chris&Cosey…!!!

Q4 EO: Who do you like to listen to that is a current artist?

A4 L.A.DRONES: HAHA , We listen to all of them and more you know, The good-gods ones, THE CREATORS!

Such a fascinating duo. I see amazing things for these Spaniards who have Transplanted to Los Angeles. I say VIVA LA DRONES and thank them for there sound & contribution to the Collektiv .

Interview conducted on 4.20.2016

LISTEN  here/::: https://soundcloud.com/l-a-drones

ALBUM NAME: “The name of this band is L.A. Drones!”

will be released in June by: This StarCraft (Oakland)








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