Rozz Williams and the Death of CD

I am so disgusted by the turn that CD has taken since the departure & death of Rozz Williams. I recently saw a promo for there upcoming show at the Whiskey in Hollywood & I  Threw up -Blood of course . The new direction of the band is a regurgitated HOT TOPIC mess. The cheese reeks of rancid blasphemy to what was created by Rozz. Before he hung himself on April Fools Day 1998 he did sell the rights of the band in a cracked out heroin deal, but I see him turning in his grave at the way the the current band leader (whose name I will not mention) has steered the sound and aesthetic. Its pure rhetoric designed to dumb down his style & legacy.

I regard ROZZ as one of the great poets of our time. I will from this point simply refer to one of my favorite bands as ROZZ. I only support there aesthetic and sound when he was the leader & catalyst . I urge you to stop wearing Christian Death logos as they now represent trash. If you need to cop some music I recomend you to buy used or pirate it as the proceeds go to the new head…

Best ROZZ Albums – Ashes,

Catastrophe Ballet ,

Only Theater of Pain,

The Decomposition of Violets ,

Death wish

Fire is strong, Lighting the candles

Hail Rozz


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