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Give aways from Vivienne Westwood
Give aways from Vivienne Westwood


Walki Talki, Job Leatherette & Marie Jean Bauptist

Vivienne Westwood Affair Presented by RUNWAY & Mr.Black Los Angeles was ever so quenching! All the True Beat Beauties were out in unison force stomping & pom-ping there way down the RUNWAY. Love & Let Live! On the catwalk Live&Glorious Prancing as clips of ICONIC Westwood moments in fashion were projected across the crowds. The feeling was chaotic underground fashion bliss, flash!flash!fuss!  At the stroke of midnight we were treated to a LIVE show by Kat Graham- Certainly a mile away in comparison to the ICONIC band SEX PISTOLS that Westwood herself fashioned, Kat did not disappoint with a poppy youthful energizing show. The energy kept with someone litterally doing VOGUE summersalts down the runway as Suprise M.C. Raja Gemini shouted about the joy of the night & we Danced…    We were very pleased to be sponsored by Vivienne Westwood and treated  guests in the choice WESTWOOD-esk looks to give aways from Vivienne Westwood Boutique Los Angeles.    Enjoy some Dark Glamor HOLLYWOOD…       

a special Thank You to  Vivienne Westwood Flagship Boutique  Los Angeles   (8320 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069)    



Anthony Anteater, Nathan Louis & AliKat   

!!! RUNWAY will RETURN MAY 22nd 2012 !!!

more info tba…   

Jeff Paice   

Victor Jonas & Date   

SEX in Plaid   

Kat Graham Live    


Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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