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Mugler Couture 1995

Who better to replace the void left by Nicola Formichetti at Mugler than Manfred Thierry Mugler himself?

Following an announcement earlier this month that Formichetti, brought on as creative director to revive the Mugler fashion brand (which he did with a little help from Lady Gaga, male porn, and social media savvy) was out, comes word that the brand’s namesake is returning… sort of.

Thierry Mugler, who has served as the artistic director of Thierry Mugler Parfums since 1992, is stepping down from that role and being brought on by Mugler general director Joël Palix (who is also the president of Clarins Fragrance Group) to serve as creative advisor. Mugler has not been associated with the fashion side of his eponymous line since 2003, when Mugler couture shuttered.

“Over the last three years, Mugler Fashion has made a visible and successful comeback, while Mugler fragrances have enjoyed a 50 percent growth in sales with both Angel and Alien now amongst the top feminine fragrances worldwide,” Palix said in a statement. “It is time to unite both activities under one single creative management and turn Mugler into a global and fully integrated luxury brand with a synergetic approach across fashion, accessories and fragrances.”

It’s still unclear what exactly Mugler’s new role will encompass. “Creative advisor” doesn’t necessarily imply that Mugler will be designing anything. Vogue UK is reporting that Mugler will only be offering advice and “will not be involved in any decision-making.”

According to a release, Sébastien Peigné and Romain Kremer, Thierry Mugler head designers for women’s and men’s wear, respectively, are out. “I would like to thank Sebastien and Romain for their contribution and for their deep respect for the heritage of the house,” Palix said. “I wish both of them the very best for the future.” Apparently a search for a creative director for the fashion brand is still on.

Still, it’s pretty exciting to have the label’s founder–so hugely influential in the ’80s and ’90s–once again getting involved with the brand’s fashion aspect. Keep your eyes on Mugler…



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