Keith Haring Tribute Affair Presented by: RUNWAY & MR.BLACK| 6.19 HOLLYWOOD

 ”ωhξ∩ Ï ΡΔï∩†, ï† ï§ á∩ Ëχρε®ïε∩Cε ΤhΔ†, ᆠs βΞδ†, ï§ Τ®á∩sςε∩dï∩g ®ΞΔLï†Ψ”
- K.Haring

Join us as We Salute the most Influential artist of our Generation-

… With Giveaways from

Patricia Field NYC


Open Vodka Bar til 10:30



♀ Job Leatherette (MRX)

♂ Ernie Omega (Omega Collektiv)

♀ Rhea Litre (House of Litre)

♀ Enerel LeBlonde (NY Design)

♂ Ceaser Gomez (Massive)

♂ Jossef Jasso (Gossip Photography)

♀ Oscar Ambrosio (Illusionist)

♂ Walki-Talki (Omega Collektiv)

♂ Rico J.C. (Rico J.C. Photography)

♀ Victor Jonas (FIDM)

Mr. Black:

♂ Luke Nero (Simon Says, Rasputin)

♂ Andres Regal (Summer Tramp, Rasputin)

♀ Nathan Louis (ABC)

Door By:
♀ Larva

\\\  Photos by Rico J Coria ///!/RUNWAYmovement




Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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