Vivienne Westwood Affair Presented by Runway & Mr.Black | 4.17.12 HOLLYWOOD

Join us for a night of Fantasy & Fashion as we celebrate QUEEN of PUNK:
( give away from Vivienne Westwood Botique Los Angeles for Best Westwood-esk Look! )

Open Vodka Bar 9:30-10:30

Live Performance by A&M/Octone Recording artist:
★Kat Graham

★DJ Josh Peace
★DJ Cottontail

With a Splash of Vivid Colored New Hosts…



★Rudeness (Full-Set)

★Job Leatherette (MRX)

★Ernie Omega (Omega Collektiv)

★Tallulah (H.C. inc)

★Ryan Burke (RB Photography)

★Marie Jean Bauptist (J.s. Aesthetics)

★Walki Talki (Omega Collektiv)

★Oscar Ambrosio (SuperModel)

★Victor Jonas (Party Boy Extrodinaire)

Photo Booth By Ryan Burke Photography

Mr. Black:

★Luke Nero (Simon Says, Rasputin)

★Andres Regal (Summer Tramp, Rasputin)

★Nathan Louis (ABC)

Door By:

we heart : Anteater, Cantanta, Dripped, Whore, MR.BlackNYC, Homoriot, ,Success, Raccoon, POPtart, Aviance, Music, Jamroc, Dandy, APRIL-MAI, M.D., Harlow, TOMOKOTOKYORIOT, Mustache, Vargas, LaSlush, MRX, Fullset, Bane, Brown, XVI, Howl, illyboi, DreamTheatre, Magic, jewl, Rainblo, Illy, Xaxha, PlaidStudio, WorldofWonder, Boom, Redzebra, Massive, Billy, C.Angel, GlassDoor, AB, Hollywood, Xtravaganza, Lepore, Warner, BIP, MAYA, Echo, Crystal, Jizzm, Auro, Trillery, popular, Rojas, Bowen, Brixton, Banjela, snow, Flawless Victory, Neon, blackout, Feelmoore, Boulet, Palma&Beach, Dayo, Unicorns, Addams, Young, Trujillo, Sinister, Disorder, misconception, LocalTourist, Numan, Wonder, Honeybee, Carpenter, KilledbySynth, DitaVonTrammp, allison, Nelson, Diaz, GlamorousMonique…
More tba… get noticed to make the listSee More

1737 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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