The Gaultier Ball – RUNWAY Hollywood & Mr.Black – Club Knight Fotos


Debauchery in Street Couture= 7Th Heaven! 

Our Next Designer Ball Will be:

April 17Th

in Honer of





On the Floor

Sea-men know how to have fun!


Ernie Omega In Vintage Gaultier, “1990 Madonna Blonde Ambition tour costume- Skeleton Waistcoat” & Omega Collektiv cage Pants & sleeves.


Anthony Ant-eater in Omega Collektiv second skin stripes, Cummerbund & AntEater Braid Vest, Alex Success in AntEater Tribal Twig necklace, Vintage Gaultier tattoo shirt & Vintage Omega Collektiv  & Melissa Brown in her own dress.

Walki Talki in Gaultier Strap Vest & Skirt/Speedo & Omega Collektiv Comic pop strap sleeves & Leggings.

On the runway!

Rude Ness in Gaultier

 Maurice in Gaultier

Adres’ Regal In a Gaultier Sailor Look


The Adorable Luke Nero


Oscar Ambrosio & Ryan Burke

Josh Peace, Gaultier & Madonna




Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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