Jean-Paul Gaultier Appointed Creative Director of Diet Coke | FASHION NEWS

Gaultier is sooo hot right now…


 Jean-Paul Gaultier

appointed creative director of  “Coca Light” EUROPE.  He’ll design a selection of cans and bottles (limited-edition, bien sur) as well as add his signature flair to online content, retail concepts, and ad campaigns. “The bottles have the shape of a woman’s body, so it was great fun to ‘dress’ them,” said Gaultier in a statement issued by the Coca-Cola company announcing the collaboration. “The Diet Coke motif is so beautiful I had to design around this. The finishing touch was to apply my logo to the bottle, like applying a fragile stamp—making it something special you want to touch.” The “Night and Day”-themed bottles debut in stores across the pond next month, but Diet Coke has already debuted a trio of videos chronicling Gaultier’s adventures as “The Serial Designer” .



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