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This past month has been insanely busy . Lots of changes occurring within the Collektiv. All for the better as we march into 2012. Here is a little writing I did last week. It is about discretion’s and opportunity.



Charming wax figures, melting. Wax traps catch Horseflies.
The suns Daring  habit to everyday rise. The heat is naked & blind.
Compress time in styes. Positive, Undetectable Lives. Chemicals unkind, they’ve broadened there bind.  
Cracked smiles etching lines,  you walk miles in a line. All the time undermind the current currents unwind.
Search smoke signals for signs, fog frees a mime.  Thru video Align,  just for a moment divine.  Strike at your spine, i
ts  your knights time .  E_lectro Magnetic Power, strong & fragile, draw the line.



Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV omegacollektiv.com/
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