Ernie Omega by Austin Young “Your Face Here”.

I Had been waiting for this for sooo Long!

This Thursday was Finally the Reveal!

I Have to say I’m Sooo Pleased!

Ernie Omega by Austin Young

Ernie Omega by Austin Young

The Story that Austin Tells with this Shot is open to Interpretation. The beauty of his work is that everything has a place & tells a personal story. What does this say to you? I am So Honored to have been shot by a legend! Special thanks to Lenora, Fade-ra, Pop Tart Gallery & everyone else who was involved.

Thank you Austin.

Here are some photos from the Finale for “Your Face Here” at Pop Tart Gallery.

 Candid shots by Leopold & Doe Lyn Thomas.


Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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