Vivienne Westwood Flag Ship Store Opening

Vivienne Westwood  


Flag Ship Store  

Opening Party,  Los Angeles  

I was honored to have been a guest at the flag ship store Los Angeles Opening.   

It was a hot debate within The Collektiv whether or not Vivienne Westwood would actually be there. I had only wished that I would meet her let alone pose with her in the stores doorway for papparazzi & news media.   

It was Amazing. PURE genius.  


ernie omega, vivienne westwood, walki talki   

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 Ernie Omega & Walki-Talki With Dame Vivienne Westwood 

 ernie omega ernieomega  

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  On the Press Junkett


lenore clare ernie omega vivienne westwood
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I was Extatic to run in to My Red or Dead Friend Lenora Clare & Phyliss Navidad.

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 Later that night I became better aquanted with Marilyn Manson. Here are a few more photos by Walki-Talki from this Amazing night. 

ernie omega vivienne westwood tomoko kobayashi  

with Vivienne & Tomoko Kobayashi  

               Kristin Davis

w/ Eddie Debarr & Tomoko Kobayashi      

kelis, ernie omega                                                                   

   w/ Kelis  

 iconic Vivienne Westwood SEDITIONARIES imager  

ywalki talki, ernie omega  

ernie omega, seditionariesa  

After the party we headed over to Empire at On The Rox, Semi Precious Weapons Presents this party.   

It was a much needed relese! WE ALL LET LOOSE & BASKED IN THE GLORY OF THE EVENING.  


ernie omega  



ernie omega, tomoko kobayashi  

Wig finds a pretty new home


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