Impulse Night Club HOLLYWOOD

  • 3.21.11

Feel the


In the Heart of Hollywood

Omega Collektiv along with Dystopian Studios & Liquid City 

have teamed up to give you a New Monthly Club Xtravaganza!

Bringing you Underground Dirty House, Electro Dark Minnimal & Industrial Danse Beats.

A Clash of Moderne Spectacle Like no Other.

Grand Opening



 Room 1 Outdoor Lounge:

/////Das-Cadet (Kadet)\\\\\
  • (Mr. Black Los Angeles) 

    Room 2 Cathedral:

    !!!!!JOB LEATHERETTE!!!!!

    • (Modern Romantix, M.R.X.)


    >>>>>Amanda Jones<<<<<

    • (Helter Skelter, Perversion)

    Held at what is said to be the oldest  haunted bar in Hollywood

    we  take over & induce the halls with Blitz Kid fancy.

    Get Your Looks to Get Your Kicks!



    Second Floor Lurid Lounge:

    Performence art show at Midnight by:

    • Jeanelle Mastema

    & her Minions

    Stunning Stage Shows throughout the night.

    Come in Blitzed Fashion or as You are.

    Free Entry Before 10

    18+ Full Bar-   5$ before 11


    Free Entry for Xtreame Looks

     Door Judge :


    • Walki-Talki





Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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