Thierry Mugler VS. Nicola Formichetti 1.20.11


Thierry Mugler


Nicola Formichetti.



When I first glimpsed  photos from this long awaited TAKE-OVER (im not going to lie) I was a lil dissapointed.

It wasn’t because the garments or styling were bad, In-fact the collection was stupendis for menswear. 

I just expected big production numbers, Like Thierry Mugler was revered for.

You know what I mean, Museum pieces to awe & inspire even the most unimaginative soul.

I have to remind myself almost on a daily basis that most men wont wear a piece that makes them the

“ice sculpture” in the center of the room. Nicola Rememberd this and managed to give a wild yet understated

look that caters to who the line was designed for, Men.


What we were served are the pieces pictured below.

I especially Loved the Hints of neon orange which I havent seen used well in menswear since W&LT.

This Moto Jacket is Incredable. I hope it GLOWS.

The two Looks below were by far my Favorite. I Live for the Vest & the Rubbery Cargo Pant.I have to say that this Canadian Model “RICO” with the CRUD face is Georgeous! He along with designer Romain Kremer; photographer-filmmaker Mariano Vivanco and many otherscollaborated to create the debut Mugler menswear presentation, which kicked off the shows in Paris.The show was held in a garage on the Rue de Turenne.

Pare the looks down to their composite pieces, and it’s not clear how revolutionary they’ll look. (Formichetti, backstage, pronounced the collection “wearable” with a touch of wonder.) Some grumbling was heard in the audience: This was styled more than designed, the criticism ran, a moving editorial rather than a fashion show, though ironically, these gripes largely claim from Formichetti’s fellow stylists (ENVY??) But there were also plenty of onlookers who were galvanized by what they’d seen.Too soon to tell if this project will have legs in the long term, but hard to deny that it took a clamorous first step, and one that gave a tonic jolt to this so-far sleepy season.


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