I See(K) these Glasses 1.10.11

I See(K) these Glasses


Not only would these new Glasses  be Amazing to wear and Shoot,

I am LUSTING for the new types of video media that will be shot on these Spectacles of TODAY.

I believe untapped media is Very exciting & I cant wait to see what is revealed!


The GL20 camera sunglasses act s a wearable camera “ capable of taking pictures.

They can also be pre-loaded with slideshows & video, which can be seen via two embedded 1.5 LCD displays.

The glasses are meant to enable real-time photo sharing. Pricing & release-date are yet to be announced.

Virtual Reality is now.

a retro future of YesterYear

Tomorrow is Today

These New Glasses are a Love child from the Loins of

GaGa & Polaroid.


Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV omegacollektiv.com/
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