Glass Door ( Neon Future) 1.7.11


Glass Door inside Red Zebra (neon future)

Last Night we Doused ourselves in Lucite & Neon Fashion for Glass Door. We were also Celebrating the neon birth of one of our favorite Divos here in Los Angeles RUDENESS.Rudeness was wearing a Barbie Ball Gown that was So So Right When it could have gone So So Wrong. Rudeness and his crew had a standout aura of Dark Pink Glamourthat we at Glass Door Loved entertaining.

The night was a STUDDED success with a steady stream of electro cutes booty quakeing around the poses of KiKi Xtravaganza to the Bass Beats of David Banjela.All Taking place in the Ultra Posh Re-vamped side Vault Chamber inside of the Crocker Bank (5th & Spring).

inside the Glass Door
Every event I am involved in is cause for inspiration & I create a new Design.
Neon Future to me is Minimal Stark & Clear.
I wanted to rethink the whimsy of neon while conquering the Future Form.

I did this thru Glowing Lucite

War Baby Knot Lucite Bodice with Glowing Accent

(one of a kind) (unisex) available to shoot


Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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