Casey Spooner “Spanish Teenager” Directed by Luke Gilford 1.24.11


Casey Spooner

Spanish Teenager

Directed by:

Luke Gilford


 Casey Spooner, lead singer, Visionary and founder of Fischerspooner just relesed a new project of his own:

Adult Contemporary.

This new Release is not as Visually driven (costumed) as Fischerspooner & a leap away from the electro/clash sound that they brought to the forefront of the under & overground club scene. I Remember they were almost completely responsible for the cross-over of electro/clash to main stream pop. It was soooo refreshing. A far cry from then, this new project has more of a simplistic aesthetic.

The first Single Features vocals by Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) & the video is directed by Luke Gilford.

The track reminds me of an acid drenched 1969. It definitely has a warped easy listening feel.

The motion representation gives just the sexually charged pomp that the title evokes.

Click Above to See The Video

The video is a Haze of Beauty, Beast & Brawn. Shot in his style, Luke managed to promulgate his aesthetic for a The very human Syndrome of odd Sexuality. He is so great at capturing & provoking deep feelings through visual vignettes.

Last Year Luke did a Photo story with True Blood’s Natasha Alam. Stylist Bret Baily contacted me & requested a few custom pieces for the shoot. I happily obliged and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this Kodachrome story.

From the archive here are some of the incredibly thought provoking shots Luke did.

Omega Collektiv
Omega Collektiv
omega collektiv
omega collektiv

Natasha Alam in Omega Collektiv


Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV
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