A poloroid Story with Jeremy Kost 2.11.11


Shot in the Shining

a Polaroid Story with

Jeremy Kost

This Past weekend Omega Collektiv & other select fashion queens (RAINBLO, Edward Vigiletti, Disco Dolly, Glitz Glam,) were shot for Jeremy Kost’s upcoming show at the Standard Hotel. The costuming focused around the Tarnished Glamour Fairytale of Hollywood. The exhibition will open summer 2011.

The scene was ambitious, being in full guise and maquillage, the sun shown down. The shoot took place around Sunset Blvd and in the Hollywood Hills. We hiked the hills adorned in platform heels, our destination the original Bat Cave. The scene was beautifully monstrous as hikers in running shoes were flabbergasted at the sight of our imprudent Glamoura. Our Main Challenge was avoiding shadows as Jeremy prefers to shoot his Polaroid Camera in natural light. We were honored to be shot by Jeremy, especially since Polaroid has discontinued the instant film that he uses. He is truly a monumental figure in Polaroid art.

 Jeremy Kost hails from the LoneStar state and is currently a resident of NYC.  As a master Polaroid Artist Jeremy has photographed practically every “it” person in the world including (Lady GaGa, Amanda Lepore, Anna Wintour, Mary Kate, Nicole Richi, Kelly Osbourne, etcetera etcetera & it doesn’t stop). 

He is a photographer who Loves hopping around the social scene with his camera & capturing “the moment” of the celebrity & boundless world. His knack for the seizing of a select splice in time is astounding and resilient. He is currently shooting behind the scenes at NYC Fashion week.

His new book “It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn” is slated for release in late May 2011 & we here at the Collektiv are salivating for our copy being that our founder ERNIE OMEGA is a featured model.

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Here is some other art by Jeremy Kost



Creator & Lifestyle Artist : @OMEGA_COLLEKTIV omegacollektiv.com/
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